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Belyfted Limited is payment services and remittances the cross-border transfer of funds to and from the UK and Nigeria on behalf of its customers, commonly referred to as Money Transfer. 

We are also building a neobank for immigrants and wallet base system that allows our users with multi-currency accounts that allow them to receive, hold and send money to and from Africa in any currency for their business and personal needs as well as pay bills for services. 

Our money transfer business is currently focused on one-way money transfers from the United Kingdom to Nigeria. Our unique offering is that our business is conducted over the internet and through the Belyfted Website and apps, on mobile devices such as Smart Phones and Tablets e.g. iPad etc, thus providing our users a fast, reliable and customer friendly service. At Belyfted Limited, we are driven by the need to financially connect the African and other continents diaspora with their friends, family, and counterparts. 

Our service is quick, easy and reliable offering highly competitive exchange rates and low transfer fees on a technologically advanced and safe platform. Our aim is to grow a team across continents.

Our vision is to be world’s largest money transfer provider. Therefore, our mission is to make opportunity more inclusive for all and fuel a new generation of talented individuals to support our vision