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Belyfted Limited was born back in 2018 by two innovators in a London with years of money transfer experience, an entrepreneurial spirit and a desire to provide customers a real alternative to the big banks. Since then, we’ve grown exponentially and with a global team, we are becoming a market-leading, multi-award winning, bank-beating, rapidly-growing, fun-loving international payments company.

Belyfted Limited is registered by the Financial Conduct Authority under the Payment Services Regulations 2017 (PSRs) (FRN 911399). Belyfted Limited is licensed and regulated by HMRC as a Money Services Business (MSB) 00135835, Company number 11139735 United Kingdom.

We understand the anti-money laundering policy and we strongly support strict banking regulations against money laundering and financial crimes. As part of its responsibilities, we have policies and procedures to meet all of the requirements of law and the demands of our business plan. We also have a qualified external auditor and adopt strong internal controls, compliance, audit procedures, and other risk management measures. Belyfted Limited team structure also serves to support our efforts to succeed in implementing and achieving our business plan and for customers.

Our legal and regulatory compliance program includes a designated Compliance Officer that is responsible for coordinating and overseeing the AML and Compliance program on a day-to-day basis. We have developed written policies documenting the processes that we have in place to prevent, detect and report suspicious transactions. Belyfted Limited is committed to maintaining effective prevention and detection measures to assist the law enforcement authorities in combating financial crime.

In addition to inspections by the government supervisors/regulators, Belyfted Limited has an internal audit function and independent third-party reviewers that assess AML policies and practices on a regular basis. We have policies covering relationships with politically exposed persons consistent with industry best practices.

As an expert in global remittances, we soon realised that the entire industry, dominated by a few big incumbents, was ripe for digital disruption. With the help of other co-founders, Belyfted Remittance to bring an offline industry to an online future.

Our teams of colleagues, these unsung heroes deliver on their promises to take care of customers and provide them with upward mobility, improving their quality of life using customer service. We work hard to help customer’s hard-earned money stretch farther so more make it to their loved ones safely.

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Belyfted money transfer is one of the leading money remittance with all the technological and human support tools you need for inbound success and fast delivery.